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Posted 16 October 2014 by Web Editor

Year 3 and 4’s trip to Tesco.

As part of a ‘farm to fork’ project Tesco invited years three and four to visit their local Tesco store to learn about where food comes from. We learnt which ingredients were needed to make bread and also watched bread being made in the bakery.

The cheese that we tasted came from all over the world. For example we learned that Brie comes from France and Edam cheese comes from Holland.
There was a variety of fruit such as blackberries, strawberries and mangos available for us to taste. We learnt that blueberries are a super fruit and that bananas are actually a herb.
We really enjoyed our trip to Tesco and we were especially grateful that the fish was gutted at the end of our visit because that could have ruined our appetite.

Posted 15 October 2014 by Web Editor

Year 3’s trip to the Black Country Living Museum.

As part of our topic on ‘lively locals’ year three visited the Black Country Living Museum. We investigated the impact that the use of coal and steam had on life and industry in the 1850’s. We also took an atmospheric journey underground to find out how and why miners worked the “Thick Coal” and other seams in the Black Country. We learned about the harsh and dangerous working conditions down the mines. Although the children understood the importance of coal as a fuel to supply the developing industries, none of the children would’ve liked to go down the mine to work!

( Look out for more information on trips in the next Woodside post ! )