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Year 5 Egyptian Workshop

This week Year 5 spent the day learning about Ancient Egypt.

The following report has been written by two of the children from Year 5, Morgan and Junior:


On Tuesday 2nd April 2019 the whole of Y5 had an important visitor! Dr Davies came to talk to us about Ancient Egypt. Firstly, we had to use our reading retrieval skills to complete a quiz. There were eight different boards, each with a different piece of information. Then, Dr Davies taught us all about Ancient Egyptian weapons, such as the slingshot, the club and the spear.

After break-time, we returned to the hall and Dr Davies taught us about the materials which the weapons were made from. The weapons were used for fighting in battles, but primarily for hunting for animals. They were initially made from stone. Over time, the Egyptians developed new skills and made weapons from copper and metal. Dr Davies even demonstrated some of the weapons (don't worry - he stayed away from us!). We also played an Ancient Egyptian version of snakes and ladders. Dr Davies showed us cubit sticks which were used by the Ancient Egyptians to measure things. 1 cubit is about the same length as 6 hands.

After lunch, Dr Davies showed us the process of mummification using a dummy model. Jack and Brooke were his assistants. After the model had been mummified, our whole year group took part in a 'funeral procession' around the hall with six children carrying the body before it was entombed in a sarcophagus. Finally we played a hunting game where we used bean bags to 'hunt' animals. 5M won!!

It was a fantastic day and we learnt so much.

Please click on this link to our Gallery to see some photographs from our Egyptian Day: