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Year 6 Visit to RAF Cosford

Please click the link above to see some photos from our visit to RAF Cosford.

Year 6 had a wonderful, sunny day exploring the RAF Cosford Museum. We were able to look at a variety of aircraft spanning from World War 1 era to the modern day. We were also lucky enough to be able to see some artefacts from World War 2 such as plane mascots, gas masks, model planes and even some WW1 and WW2 guns and weapons.

Another aspect we all found exciting was the Cold War hanger where we learnt about nuclear missiles and got to see some up close. Even better than that was seeing the oldest Spitfire in the world! The very kind staff explained its history to all of us and it was very interesting. Lastly, we enjoyed our slot in the 'Fun'n'Flight' section where we played games which helped us understand the science behind aerodynamics, wind speed and forces - we even had the chance to sit inside a WW2 plane where we were taught how to use the controls!

We ended the day with our 4D experience where we were transported inside a dog fight battle from the perspective of 'The Baron' who was a Nazi pilot during WW2 - it was fantastic!

Our manners and behaviour represented the school perfectly, and staff at Cosford said we were "the most well-behaved children they had ever had." We were proud to be ambassadors of Woodside!

Miss V Hefford