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Welcome to Nursery!


During school closure due to Covid-19, we would like to provide you with some home learning links to support our children's learning.  Learning does not have to be laborious - we encourage as much fun as possible while they learn, during this time.  Learning will be available to access on online portals. Some are free and open to access; others require Usernames and Passwords which will be in our children's Pupil Planners.



Reading regularly at home is of paramount importance to support your child's development.  Please read to your child each night before bedtime.  Questioning your child about what you have read, will help to develop their understanding of the text.  Remember to put on the characters voices to make it exciting to listen to.


We recommend 5 minutes each day of learning to where practically possible.  Get your child to listen to sounds around them.  Can they hear the birds singing, a car engine or the wind howling?  Phonics websites listed below will have letter sounds.  The more familiar the books are, the more pleasurable reading experiences will be for your child. Enjoy putting on characters voices. (free phonics while schools are closed) (phonics) (phonics) (phonics games) (free access to thousands of e-books to read to your child)

Mark Making and Writing

Any  home activities our children engage in, encourage them to draw a picture and make marks.  For example: 

  • trace with a stick in some mud on the garden
  • use chalk or a paintbrush and a bucket of water to make marks on the garden patio or walls
  • use crayons or felt-tip pens on paper
  •  in the bath, tracing patterns through the bubbles, 


Ask you child, by saying 'Tell me about your drawing?' Encourage them to describe what they have made.


Click on the images below to view more home learning ideas for Nursery Age children:

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