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Design Technology


By the time our children leave Woodside, we aim for them to be able to: considering culture and society and use research to form their plans and ideas; follow and refine plans; justify their decisions and work within a budget.  They will know how to use a range of tools and equipment competently, in order to make prototypes and final versions; and evaluate their product against clear criteria. These skills will provide the foundations for our designers of the future. 



Design Technology at Woodside is supported by the programme of study create by experts from the Design and Technology Association (DATA) It has been carefully sequenced to ensure knowledge and skills are built upon and developed over time.  



Children's Design Technology skills and knowledge are assessed using the criteria provided by DATA, that is in line with the National Curriculum for Design Technology.


For more information about the programmes of study we use for the Design & Technology curriculum, click here:

Design & Technology Association