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We recognise that reading is of paramount importance in developing knowledgeable learners with a rich vocabulary and wider experiences. Therefore, we aim for all of our children to become passionate, competent readers and writers who are able build on their knowledge of phonics, spelling, genres, sentence types and punctuation.  We encourage children to build their speaking and listening skills alongside their reading and writing, in order to use knowledge fluently and develop their understanding.



Speaking and Listening curriculum is supported by Voice 21 and Skills Builder strategies.

Phonics is delivered using the DfE validated scheme Little Wandle.

Spelling is developed using the No Nonsense Spelling programme of study.

Children have home readers that are carefully matched to their ability using Accelerated Reader.  Reading curriculum is delivered using Reading Reconsidered approaches.

Writing curriculum is delivered using The Write Stuff approach devised by Jane Considine. 

All English programmes of study have been carefully sequenced to ensure knowledge and skills are built upon and developed over time.



Children's English skills and knowledge are assessed using the criteria provided by Little Wandle for Phonics, Accelerated Reader for reading and The Write Stuff for writing that are all in line with the National Curriculum for English. Children complete DfE Statutory Assessments for reading and are Teacher Assessed for writing using DfE Statutory guidance at end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


For more information about the programmes of study we use for the English curriculum, click here:

Voice 21

Little Wandle Letters & Sounds

No Nonsense Spelling

The Write Stuff