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Children at Woodside will able to explore Mathematics, using concrete manipulatives, ensuring conceptual understanding of the operations being taught.  They will develop the skill of reasoning in an increasingly sophisticated manner: proving their answers and explaining what they are doing, using mathematical vocabulary.  Daily maths teaching to ensure fluency in number, will support children prepare for their next stages of education and into adult life.



Mathematics at Woodside is supported by the Power Maths programme of study.  It has been carefully sequenced to ensure knowledge and skills are built upon and developed over time.  



Children's mathematical skills and knowledge are assessed using the criteria provided by Power Maths, that is in line with the National Curriculum for Mathematics.  Children complete DfE Statutory Assessments for mathematics in arithmetic and reasoning at end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 


For more information about the programmes of study we use for the mathematics curriculum, click here:

Power Maths