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Create opportunities to enjoy maths through play.

Below are some ideas and activities that you can try at home:

  • Sand and water - Use words such as light, heavy, empty, full and ask your child how much sand a container will hold. Ask your child to make shapes and patterns, and give them boxes to compare the weight and capacity.
  • Use of mathematical words  - encourage your child to use mathematical words around your home to describe different objects; long, short, big, small, square, round etc. 
  • Play dough - The use of play dough can also develop mathematical words; long, fat, thin etc. You can ask your child to make shapes that are 3D, not just flat objects. 
  • Role Play - Simple activities such as acting out a tea party and laying the table can help develop counting skills or pretending to play shops and handling coins
  • Helping around the house - ask your child to help with the laundry by asking them colours and counting how many socks to develop their counting and knowledge of colours.