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Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)


By the time our children leave Woodside, we aim for them to be able to recognise that people around the world communicate using different languages and develop an awareness of cultural diversity. In addition, they will know that language has a structure and that this differs from one language to another.  This will enable children to speak and understand the basic components of the Spanish language. They will know how to manipulate vocabulary in order to generate sentences both verbally and in writing. These skills will provide an interest in learning other languages and lay foundations for their secondary school experiences. 



MFL at Woodside is supported by the Language Angels programme of study.  It has been carefully sequenced to ensure knowledge and skills are built upon and developed over time.  



Children's Spanish skills and knowledge are assessed using the criteria provided by Language Angels, that is in line with the National Curriculum for MFL.


For more information about the programmes of study we use for the MFL curriculum, click here:

Language Angels