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Physical Development

Physical Development is important as this is the basis for all learning.  It also keeps your child fit and healthy.  Opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities will reduce sedentary behaviour.

For fine motor development try activities such as threading beads, sewing cards/cloth, painting and exploring colour, mark-making of all kinds, building with Lego or small blocks, pinching, rolling and cutting dough or clay,

Activities that develop stability include stop and start games such as statues so that your child balances their weight on different parts of the body.

Opportunities to gallop, run, climb, cycle, hop and skip not only provide physical fitness but develop their gross motor skils too.

Object-control skills include catching, rolling and throwing skills – offer a range of balls of different weight, size and bounciness to maybe throw into a bucket! Bats and skittles encourage movement and accuracy in catching and throwing too.