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Reading and Phonics

From birth, it is important to talk to your baby as often as possible.  They will learn to hear the sound of your voice and although they cannot speak words yet, they will begin to babble and turn take in conversation with you, which is the first signs of them developing their speech.

Opportunities for them to listen and pay attention, such as musical  instruments or noise toys develops their hearing and auditory senses.

Reading to your child from as early as birth, is important in order for them to develop their communication, speaking and listening skills.  The more words they hear at an early age, the greater their chances in their academic achievements later on in life.

Nursery rhymes and stories with repeating patterns are great for enabling your child to join in.  We recommend you read, orally tell stories or sing daily with your baby and toddler.

As your baby develops into a toddler, we encourage they handle books daily to learn to turn pages left to right. They may even try to tell their own stories from the pictures.

Recommended books for you to share with your child from birth to 5 years old can be found at 

Sharing books with your child is just as important for them to get to hear how stories should be told by adults, immersing them in the sound of storytelling voices which in turn will develop their storytelling voices.  Below is a list of recommended reads to share and enjoy with your child.  Click on the links below for videos of these books being read aloud:

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers



Here are some online activities to support reading and phonics: