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Reading and Phonics

Reading regularly at home is of paramount importance to support your child's development.  We recommend 10 minutes each day where practically possible.  The more familiar the books are, the more pleasurable reading will be for your child. If they are reading the text with ease (reading like talking), this is absolutely fine as this will develop their fluency and reading speed.  Questioning your child about what they have read, will help to develop their understanding of the text.

Sharing books with your child is just as important as listening to your child read.  They get to hear how stories should be told by adults, immersing them in the sound of storytelling voices which in turn will develop their storytelling voices.  Below is a list of recommended reads to share and enjoy with your child.

 Click on the links below for videos of some of these books being read aloud:

Please click on Storytime Online ages 5-7 for further links to books: