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School Ambassadors

We have a number of important roles in our school, where children have the opportunity to follow the British Values and show true community spirit.

Senior Pupils

The Senior Leaders choose who they believe will be the perfect role model and advocate for all of the children at Woodside.  They represent us at important Trust Council meetings.

School Council

Each class from Years 1 to 6 vote for a class representative.  The children who are elected form our school council.  They meet each half term to discuss important issues and share the views of their class members.

House Captains

At Woodside, we have four houses - Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires.  Each house has two captains, who motivate their house members to follow our school values - Care, Aspire, Achieve.

Henry’s Reading Buddies

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum.  Henry's Reading Buddies from Year 6 support our younger children with their reading skills by listening to them read and sharing stories to model expressive reading.

Woodside News Reporters

Picture News and BBC Newsround share global and national news.  Our Woodside News reporters keep up to date with local news and write news reports

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors ensure everyone knows how to stay safe. and advocate caring for each other.  If any child is worried about the social aspects of school life, then our ambassadors support them by listening, showing they care, offer solutions to any friendship issues that may arise and if needed be the child's voice to tell an adult. 

Play Makers

During lunch time, our play makers show our younger children how to play games, encouraging turn taking and fair play.


Caring for our environment is as important as caring for each other.  Our eco-warriors ensure our school is tidy by encouraging children to put their litter in the bin.  Also, they make sure lights are switches off in empty rooms and monitor the recycling of paper, plastic, metals and even batteries.

Junior Catering Assistants

At lunchtime, our Year 5 Junior Catering Assistants support the younger children with getting drinks and opening packets.  They also make sure everyone keeps our dining hall is tidy.

Junior Police Community Support Officers (PCSO)

Our local PCSO meets with our Junior PCSOs to develop their understanding of the rule of law and become model citizens.  Our Junior PCSO's ensure our school rules are followed by everyone at Woodside.