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Senior Leadership Team


  • Mrs S Bloomer

Deputy Headteacher     

  • Mrs K Burns - responsible for Curriculum and Teaching & Learning

Assistant Headteachers

  • Mrs L Hingley-Stewart - responsible for Assessment and Teaching & Learning
  • Mrs H Jennings - responsible for Pastoral, SEND, Behaviour, Access & Inclusion

Phase Leaders

  • Mrs R Wood – responsible for Phase 1 (Nursery – Year 1) and English
  • Mr N Bate - responsible for Phase 2 (Years 2  - 4) and Mathematics
  • Miss V Hefford - responsible for Phase 3 (Year 5 - 6 and transition) and English

Phase 1


Mrs Griffiths (Deputy Manager)

Mrs C Healy

Mrs T Lowe

Mrs S Wilkinson

Mrs S Grainger

Ms L Broome

Ms J Lloyd


Mrs R Wood (Phase 1 Leader)

Mrs S Walton

Mrs V Smith

Year 1

Miss L Savage

Miss H Turner

Phase 2

Year 2

Miss E Moseley

Mrs C Sankey

Year 3

Mrs H Millar

Miss L Sutherland

Year 4

Miss C Attwood and Miss N Yarnall

Mr J Phillips

Phase 3

Year 5

Miss H Bennett

Mr J Brazier

Year 6

Mr N Bate

Miss V Hefford

 Teaching Assistants

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)

Mrs L Hale

Miss L Dowdie

Miss M Cowles

Cover Supervisors (TAs)

Mrs Y Phipps

Mrs R Mills

Mrs A Gaymer

Miss Z Khatoon

Mrs C Loftus

Miss M Patel

Miss E Flockton

Mrs A Westwood

Mrs J Tromans

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Ms S Clinton

Mrs A Cox

Miss L Milne

Mrs C Nation

Mrs L Hodgetts

Miss J Southall

Pastoral Team

Mrs K Bodin (Learning Mentor)

Mrs P Burbank  (Learning Mentor)

Mrs S Jeavons  (Pastoral TA)

Vacancy (Family Support Worker) 

Non-Teaching Staff 

Admin Team

Mrs K Cooper (PA to the Headteacher)

Mrs J Petford  (Office Manager)

Mrs C Raxster (Financial Administrator)

Mrs G Flatman (Admin Assistant)

Site Team

Mr C Binnion (Site Manager)  

Mrs S Upton

Ms N Shaw

Mrs J Aherne

Mrs K Plant

Mrs D Evans


Catering Team

Mr A Stokes (Unit Catering Manager)

Mrs T Bloomer

Mrs S Patel

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs B Platt (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs D Heath

Mrs N Shaw

Miss A Millard

Miss S Howells

Miss N Round