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Whole School Curriculum


At Woodside Primary School and Nursery, our C.O.R.E curriculum is based upon four key components. It is:

·C. – Connected
o Links made within and across subjects and year groups fundamentally driven by reading
o Collaborative partnership with our local community
·O. – Ordered
o Progressive topics build upon prior learning and experiences
o Fosters deeper learning systematically
·R. – Remembered
o Creates opportunities to practise
o Interleaves learning with opportunities to revisit, reinforce and review
·E. – Experiential
o Provides real-life, purposeful experiences
o Expands and enriches opportunities to connect with the world


Our C.O.R.E. Curriculum has reading at the heart of everything we do and is built upon a strong foundation of personal well-being. Furthermore, we ensure that our children have the essential knowledge and skills in reading, writing and maths, which forms our golden thread. We deliver our C.O.R.E curriculum through stimulating, purposeful learning experiences which develop our children as local, national and global citizens.   Through this, we acknowledge and address differences and the needs of our children - keeping standards high whilst making it accessible for all.



We recognise that reading is of paramount importance in developing knowledgeable learners with a rich vocabulary and wider experiences. Therefore, we aim for all of our children to become passionate, competent readers and writers who are able build on their knowledge of phonics, spelling, genres, sentence types and punctuation.  We encourage children to build their speaking and listening skills alongside their reading and writing, in order to use knowledge fluently and develop their understanding.



Children at Woodside will able to explore Mathematics, using concrete manipulatives, ensuring conceptual understanding of the operations being taught.  They will develop the skill of reasoning in an increasingly sophisticated manner: proving their answers and explaining what they are doing, using mathematical vocabulary.  Daily maths teaching to ensure fluency in number, will support children prepare for their next stages of education and into adult life.



Children at Woodside will be able to plan and predict, investigate and observe, record, analyse and evaluate as part of working scientifically. They will know how to conduct fair investigations and use scientific equipment. Children will develop a strong knowledge of these skills and will provide the foundations for our future scientists.



Children at Woodside will be able to: select appropriate equipment and software for tasks; design, write and debug programs; safely and responsibly use appropriate websites and internet applications; and locate, manipulate and interpret information and data. They will know how to select and use a range of equipment and software competently to achieve specific goals. These skills will provide the technological foundations for the ever advancing world. 



At Woodside, we aim for children to: be able to investigate and interpret past events; handle and analyse evidence; and understand that the way people acted in history, has had an impact on present day.  They will know about the lives of significant individuals, significant past events both locally and globally and understand chronology.  These skills will provide the children with a broad, historical vocabulary, and an ability to make links with our British Values. 



Children at Woodside will know how to utilise fieldwork, use effective analytical and presentation techniques, as well as having a good understanding of place and the impact of humans on their environment.  

They will be given opportunities to express well balanced opinions on contemporary and global issues using geographical vocabulary. These skills will provide an understanding of the child’s place within our world. 



Children at Woodside will: know about a range of famous artists within a range of styles, genres and cultures; be able to sketch, develop and refine their artwork.  They will know how to control and manipulate a range of materials and tools for effect, as well as reflect on the detail, accuracy and effectiveness of their work.   These skills will provide children with an awareness and appreciation of art within the local community and worldwide. 


Design and Technology 

By the time our children leave Woodside, we aim for them to be able to: considering culture and society and use research to form their plans and ideas; follow and refine plans; justify their decisions and work within a budget.  They will know how to use a range of tools and equipment competently, in order to make prototypes and final versions; and evaluate their product against clear criteria. These skills will provide the foundations for our designers of the future. 



We aim for our children to be able to use their voices expressively in different contexts; to have a good understanding of a range of instruments; and to have opportunities to play both tuned and untuned instruments.  They will know that music and instruments have developed and evolved over time and that music can be formed in a range of different styles. 

These skills will provide the children with an appreciation of music and the power it can have to bring people together. 


Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish) 

By the time our children leave Woodside, we aim for them to be able to recognise that people around the world communicate using different languages and develop an awareness of cultural diversity. In addition, they will know that language has a structure and that this differs from one language to another.  This will enable children to speak and understand the basic components of the Spanish language. They will know how to manipulate vocabulary in order to generate sentences both verbally and in writing. These skills will provide an interest in learning other languages and lay foundations for their secondary school experiences. 


Physical Education (PE) 

Children at Woodside will be able to: work in a team to select tactics within a variety of games; follow the rules of different sports in order to be a fair player; use a number of techniques to control equipment; perform and evaluate complex sequences, which link to a music choice and style; and take account of safety and hazards in their active environment.  

These skills will provide the foundation for our children to be sports men and women who understand their own body and the importance of maintaining their health and fitness in the future.  


Religious Education (RE) 

Children at Woodside will be able to: ask reflective questions; carry out investigations; evaluate ideas; and work constructively with others to understand the beliefs, festivals and celebrations of major religions around the world. They will know how to describe and explain the significance and impact of beliefs on followers of different faiths.   These skills will provide the respect and understanding of the diversity in their own and the wider community. 


Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 

Children will know how to live a well-rounded healthy lifestyle which includes:  

physical and mental well-being; forming positive relationships with others; recognising and accessing support with regard to extremism and radicalisation; and understand their position in the wider world. 

These skills will provide them with opportunities to empathise and connect with world around them; have an ethical approach and a sense of social responsibility, in order for them to thrive as adults. 


Please find below our progression from Nursery through to Year 6 for each subjects of our school curriculum

Please note the curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated.