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Writing and Spelling

Children are encouraged to write for a purpose at home.  Children are encouraged to use capital letters and  full stops, and begin to use question marks and exclamation marks.  Any  home activities our children engage in, encourage them to write about it.  For example: 

  • write a simple recipe after baking. Listing the instructions in order, 
  • retell a story in their own words after listen to a book,
  • write some simple facts about something that is of interest to them. 

Encourage them to use their phonics to spell words.  Some will be tricky as they cannot be sounded out (e.g. of, the, they). Spellings are in the Pupil Planner.

Have fun practising handwriting too -  in the bath, tracing letters through the bubbles, or in your garden with a stick in the mud.